About Gavin

I’m Gavin. An innovative product designer, marketer, and creator. A product and CX visionary and leader with the execution chops to delivery and succeed in multiple industries and business phases. Systematically strives to uncover opportunities within marketing and operational frameworks that may benefit from creative innovation, new product offerings and customer experience optimization.

Scrappy enough to bootstrap and get things launched quickly, but strategic enough to leverage business fundamentals learned in business school to analytically make numbers pencil.

My professional journey started as an entrepreneur, with my first consulting and marketing company being created during my final year in college while working in the founder’s home office. The bootstrap mentality acquired early on provides me with opportunities to brainstorm, innovate, and experiment with numerous start-ups, all in different phases.

Some of the products and services I’ve created can be found here:

…and others can be found randomly jotted on legal pads and in various Moleskine® notebooks in my basement. Stay tuned for those.


8,878,042 – Practice Device and System
8,618,398 – Portable Guitar Practice Tool
8,124,863 – Stringed Instrument Practice Device
8,581,083 – Stringed Instrument Practice Device
9,454,912 – Stringed Instrument Practice Device and System

I’ve studied and learned (mainly useless nuggets not pertaining to academia) at the following institutions: Point Loma Nazarene University, University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business (where I got my MBA), Institute of Design at Stanford (d.school), and Harvard Business School.

I attempt to play the guitar (Martin and Gretsch) and sing off key, I fish (all methods, I’m not afraid to throw a worm out there), I like big mountains, I’m a fairly accomplished mechanical bull rider, I used to live-and-breathe baseball, playing at the collegiate level for a few years.

I claim to be an avid Ernest Hemingway fan.

Thank you.

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